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I Dont know who i'am

Everyday, I woke up, hoping that our friendship would be better than yesterday. But all I get was nothing. things became even worser. I felt like crying. No one really understand me. I dont mind, you can point your finger on me. I don't care anymore. I hate being hurt, & I hate the feeling of hurting. Good actress, I was. But, feeling couldn't lie. How deep in the dump I was when I heard those. Jyeahh, guess I'm a fool. easily fooled by people like you. I wish you were the person I knew before.

Bella loves Jacob, but she loves Edward even more.  Alice refuses to marry the man she doesn't love.  People can choose, whether this or that. So do I. I chose to pretend like nothing happened, I chose to ignore all the rumors. I chose to start a new life. Put a smile on my face, even a fake one, I'll try. And, one more thing, I chose to forget everything even the scars were still bleeding. Act like nothing happen. Walk with confident, put a charming smile and I'm ready. Hey world, I'm a tough girl, ain't I ? at least I've try  :)